Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm So Hungry That I Could Eat an Elephant

Me: I like taking shower at night.
Karen: ......
Me: What? I like taking shower at night.
Karen: That sounds creepy.
Me: What so creepy about that?

Karen to Jen & Elizabeth: Mary told me that she likes taking shower at night. Does that sound creepy to you guys?
Elizabeth: Little bit. But then again, I know Mary. It sounds like 'her' that she would say something like that.


Me: I wonder if my future boyfriend is gonna like me, because I can't cook.
Beth: Just find someone who likes a take out food.
Me: But I don't like take out food too much. I want him to cook for me.
Beth: Then find someone who goes to culinary school.
Me: Oh yeah, right. That's my solution. Now my life is good.
Beth: Your welcome.


Me: I hate the stairs. We should get elevators.
Mr.C : Hahhaha you want an escalator?
Me: Yes!
Mr.C : Maybe you should get a boyfriend so he can carry you upstairs and downstairs.
Me: Yeah right hahahaha

P.S: I'm sorry that the title is just not related to the post. Heck, I don't even eat elephants (do people even eat elephants?!!). I'm just hungry right now. And every time I'm hungry, I always say that line. ;p

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