Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside by She & Him

(I changed my blog's website. I guess life is not complicated because apparently it took me 2 hours to figure out if I wanna change the name or not) ;D

These are photos from 2013 but I just get the time to upload it now. As you know, God loves me so much so He gives me 2 snow days in a row when my winter break suppose to end *say, whadup?* ;) I'm a forever tropical girl and I love summer so much, but somehow in this year (I refer to 2013), I really don't mind with the snow. Heck, I'm jumping and dancing around on the snow until I can't feel my fingers. I never complain because of the cold when I'm outside but I do complain if I'm inside and if it's cold... It's weird, I know.
^^^ Why oh why I like to dress up that looks like hippie. It doesn't even make sense. :)) ^^

^^^ This is when I thought "Oh, let's get my coat off because I can handle the cold" and believe me sister, I ran to my car after 2 minutes and got my coat on, so.... ^^^

^^^ FYI, I didn't make the snowman. I just put my scarf on it. It was actually my first time to see a snowman. So that was something. ^^^

Just when you think Mary is just a normal girl, but then she starts to act weird again. ;p