Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Falling in Chocolate

So today I hang out with tante Ayu and I eat an ice cream when it's snowing outside. And all I'm wearing is just a sweater and a simple jacket, like if it's spring already or something.. Mary is acting like she's European ;p
It's funny that everytime I want to hang with tante Ayu, it's always freaking snowing. Kentucky hates us that much. Oh! And I have a "girls talk" with tante Ayu. ;)

Btw, I'm so tired of school... Maybe it's because I don't have enough sleep. Or because the fact that AP English 4 is killing me. I mean, seriously, Heart of Darkness?! It's the worst classic novel I read so far and I'm not sure if I can read chapter 2. Oh well. Wish me luck.

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