Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sad Panda

Sometimes the snow is the one that actually saves my life from school because i procrastinate a lot from all of those homework, so yeay to snow days.
Sometimes the snow just makes me feel sick and brings me flu or fever or whatever.
Sometimes the snow just makes me feel "it's enough of snow already" and makes me feel sad and gloomy.
Today is one of those days for me. I mean, look at the snow this morning, it doesn't look that "beautiful" anymore. :(
Mary needs the sun. Mary wants to run but not on treadmill. Mary wants to go out. Mary wants to lay on the sun and go to the beach.
I don't know if 4 seasons actually suit me or not, because every time it's not summer, I always think of summer with my sad face because I just can't wait for next summer.
And yet, I have to bear living in Kentucky for the next (more than) 4 years. Let's see how long I can live here before I go cray cray.

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