Monday, January 6, 2014

What's Up

Now I'm considering to change my blog's website link to "maryvand" instead of "mary-andrikus". It's just a shorter name and it's still my name anyway (it's my initial of my middle name + first 3 letters of my last name). I mean, I love my last name enough that I decide I'm gonna be Mary Andrikus forever. Sorry to my future husband, unless your last name is Mraz stands from Jason Mraz, I'm keeping my last name (Just kidding! I would probably join our last names and that's final) ;)
I think I'm going to think about this for around a week to two weeks because life is just sooo complicated. ;p

Oh FYI, I eat cereal for dinner. God knows I ate 3 pancakes for dinner last night and it felt awesome. Yum. Big news of the day.

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