Friday, February 21, 2014

3 Hours

  • I sit at the window seat in my school bus so I can feel the sun. I hope snow on Sunday is just a myth because I miss the sun.
  • I think I will take my graduation ceremony seriously because if I think about it, I will not see 95% of these people after high school. But of course, I will still hanging out with Karen after high school (we go to the same college anyway). I feel like she's gonna be the one who will persuade me to do weird stuff and I'll be like "you're crazy but okay, let's go". Gotta love that girl.
  • Karen just asked Elizabeth "Where's my Mary?" (and of course Elizabeth told her that I was in the back of her trunk) and she thinks I should be her sister. I think I can be everyone's sister until they realize that I can drive people crazy just cuz, it's me. I mean, come on now.
  • My grades went up for AP English. Yeay. That class is the hardest English class I've ever taken but also the one that I'm looking forward the most.
  • I think my friends and my teachers can be inappropriate sometimes. But that what makes them funny.

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