Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bedtime Story.

I'm hugging my cookie monster stuff animal right now and this one is from my dad. I remember he bought it when I was 15 years old and we were in the airport in Singapore, waiting for our flight to Jakarta. My dad always likes to arrive hours early. So I think, in that time, we had around 2 hours early to do nothing. So we circled around the airport. Then, I saw a store who sold the cookie monster stuff animals and others and I remembered the cookie monster one was the only one. And I wanted it for soooo loong. We didn't end up buying it tho, I felt bad to ask my dad to buy it for me. So we just walked around and around, until I stopped and sit at the sitting area. He told me he wanted to go to restroom. So he did. Then, he came back with a bag and told me that someone left it in the restroom. When I opened the bag, it's the cookie monster stuff animal that I wanted. I was so confused at first, "wait someone left this in the restroom?", then I realized he bought it for me.

I think I miss my dad. Well, I know I miss him. It's just I'm not a type of girl who says "I miss you" or "I love you" to my family, because I'm shy and it feels weird for me. :p but I hope he knows.
Btw I think my cookie monster makes my arm itchy. Now, I gotta wash it before I put it on my bed. Egh.

Update: I'm using my brother's laptop right now. I thought he's gonna bring it to his class but he doesn't. So let me share my dad's photos because I have nothing to do  I think he's the coolest guy in the world and he's my #1 inspiration. My dad will probably will be mad if I share his photos publicly and he will be like "put them down". If you wonder where I get my sarcastic thoughts, sassy attitude (wait, this is just me, not my dad) and "I like to make fun of people because I think I'm better than y'all", it's from my dad, people. It's from my dad. *peace* :p
^^^ When we went to outdoor restaurant in Pemalang, Indonesia. ^^^
 ^^^ Yeah, I bring my stuff animals to Kentucky. See what my dad has to deal with? :)) ^^^

Washington DC trip!!! :)
 ^^^ I just love this picture ^^^
 ^^^ This is my favorite picture of my dad. I think I'm the one who took it. ^^^

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