Monday, February 3, 2014


Okay, here are my thoughts that I need to write. Beware that I'm going to be off topic a lot of times. But here you go. 

Oh before that, I really really want to play Ukulele. I think that's the cutest instrument because of the size and the sound. Mary is all about cuteness yo. If you are interested to read all my ramblings, here some music you can play. The girl who sings the cover is my friend at work. Check it out. :)
(these two songs probably are not enough to read all my ramblings since I write too long...)

Thoughts number one:
I start to feel the difference between people in here and Indonesian people that I know (note that I say "that I know" so I'm not stereotyping Indonesian in general). When I lived near Jakarta (Pamulang), I realize that I don't have privacy because people keep asking me questions that I don't like to answer. Example?
  • "Do you have a boyfriend?" - I mean, what's up with teenagers and girlfriend-boyfriend? I feel the way they ask me this questions, it's like they're telling me that I should get a boyfriend. Is world really that small? That bf-gf is all they can think about? I never asked this kind of question, even once, by people in here, except those Indonesian people that live here. Even if I have boyfriend, it's not anyone's business anyway. Or even if I don't have one.
  • Ask my personal problems. I realize that when I used to live there, people share personal problems all the time. It's like "my problem is your problem and everyone's problem too". In here, if he/she doesn't tell you what happened, don't ask & don't push it. Because he/she might not ready to share it or because it's too personal. If he/she tells you what's wrong, then be a good listener. But then again, it's still a "my problem is my problem and yours is yours" not like "I share you my problem, so you have to be sympathetic and help me". Oh did I tell you that it's better to give an empathy rather than a sympathy?
Now I feel like I'm biased on my opinion in here. I'm sorry but everyone is biased. Even Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby (no, I'm not getting more off topic to The Great Gatsby). Let me be clear that I love Indonesia. Most people in there are funny and friendly. Some of them are open minded. But what I wonder is, is it the culture and all the influences that what makes it a habit to ask such thing? Or is it because they just care too much? Or just too curious and being hypocrite so they pretend to care?

Thoughts number two:
I don't believe in "love at the first sight". For me, I have to know the inside and the personality first of the person, then I can have a feeling at that person. If "love at the first sight" really exist, does it mean a person "loves" the other person because of that person's appearance and looks? What if (this is for you guys), she is so pretty but her personality is so bad that she treats a waiter/waitress so mean? Or what if (and this is for you girls), he is so cool and good looking but he is a player and likes to toy with your heart for fun. I think, to love a person is all about compromise and understanding. Everyone has a dark side. So to get to know the a person is really important for me, to love that person itself.

Thoughts number three:
"I love you" should be a sacred sentence that people say to the other significance when they mean it. Maybe it's just me, but those 3 words are not something I should say based on (temporary) feelings. Because feelings change over time. Those 3 words are something I should say when I know I'm ready to compromise to the other significance and when I'm stable (not emotional). While I'm still young and still learn to compromise, I don't think it's appropriate for me to say those 3 words lightly. I see a lot of teenagers who say those 3 words because maybe it feels they have to say it? The thought of "I'm your girlfriend/boyfriend, I think I should say it that I love you"? Oh heck, I can ramble for the whole 5 paragraphs if I continue to talk about this so let's just stop it. Maybe I will say those 3 words for some years of relationship. Or maybe if before I get proposed. Or after. Or before I get married. Or maybe....I don't know. But what I know is, I will say it when I mean it, not when I feel like it.

Thoughts number four:
Change is good. I feel I need to change constantly to be a better person in my life. Life is about change. If I don't change, then I might be dead as well. So I wonder, why people want to be stuck in their life and stop growing? I'm talking about changing in personality, not only in physical appearance. I mean, I'm still me. I will be forever Mary Andrikus. But I really want to grow myself and take my time while I'm doing it. Yeay to the quote "Life is an experience".

Geez, I feel like this is the longest post I've ever written. Okay, let's just end these thoughts because I gotta do my school stuff which I procrastinate for a long time now. I know some of my thoughts might be biased. I probably write stuffs that are wrong and might offend some people, but what do I know is, I'm still seventeen anyway so of course I can be wrong. And no, don't correct me if you think I'm wrong especially if you don't know what you're talking about. But you can state your opinion as well if you want. I love to read different views and opinion of people. No judgement. To ease all these seriousness, I will post silly pictures of me.
 See? I told you I will be forever Mary Andrikus. And I would like to congratulate you if you can put up with my thoughts in this post. Yeay to you.

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