Sunday, February 9, 2014

Maybe I'm Not Fond of Numbers

Sometimes I really want to take an IQ test. Just to see what is my score and what is my talent or some kind of sort. But then, I will feel bad about myself because I let numbers define me. Or a paper defines me. It's like this society where you know a 50-year old who acts and thinks like a 15-year old and a 15-year old who acts and thinks like a 50-year old, but you think the 50-year old one is mature while the fact is not. I mean, age doesn't define who you are. Why I'm talking about age, again?
Anyway. What if that IQ test tells me that I'm bad at language, then maybe I would have stopped reading and just do whatever it tells me where I'm good at. Or if it tells me if I'm good at science then I would study all those science subjects and end up hating it (but let's be real guys, I know I'm not good at science with or without the test. This is just if statement).
I know some people don't get affected by IQ scores. But I kinda do. Or I might do. I mean, look at me, I *love to* read horoscope and I kinda believe those. The horoscope said a Gemini is versatile and witty so I let myself to believe that (I know I'm so biased). Thanks for the compliments, horoscope. And why I'm talking about horoscope, again?
But you get what I mean, right?
Oh one more thing, I don't call myself a competitive person but I don't like to know someone is better and showing off in front of my face by telling me "hey my numbers are higher than yours, I'm smarter than you", just no. Don't even try. Knowledge is infinity and to succesfully memorize the periodic table doesn't mean that a person is smart. Just kidding, I think if you can memorize that periodic table, I think you're smart. :) (I'm not being sarcastic, I'm being serious here hellooo)

P.S: I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars and I'm so emotional right now. So you get it why I'm kinda all weird and random. That book is just whoa.

P.P.S: I just snapped at someone and being sassy to that person. This is what happens when people try to tick me off in a wrong moment.

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