Sunday, February 23, 2014

"My Daughter Is 5 Years Old"

I went to a carnival at church today after church.. Of course, Mary needs to get her face painted. Normally (uhm, yeah, normally) face painting is for kids under 8 years old. I don't know how old "little" kids suppose to be but, the point is, it's for kids. I'm probably the only teenager who wants to get face painting. I mean, why not? :))

I went to Panera bread for the first time with my family. It was good. Maybe I'll go there again some time. Oh! I bought myself a dress. I'll see if I will regret it or not because I kinda try to not spend a lot of money this month.. I've been thinking to get two part time jobs but I don't think I can do it, because I barely get things done for my school with only one part time job.
^^^ my brother and I were matching today! ^^^

Btw, I look tired in these photos. I only had 4 1/2 hours of sleep.
It's killing me. Now I gotta do my homework. Oww well.

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