Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine

 So Kentucky decides to be a Winter Wonderland today
and no school for today
I bought the Caramel Flan Latte espresso for my mom because she's my valentine. We're cute like that.
Okay I'll be honest that the reason why we go to Starbucks because they have a promo buy one get one free from 2-5 PM. All hail Valentine. ;)
(i love celebration's promo)
Happy valentine to those who feel like want to celebrate it or not
Love, Mary

Btw, Kina Grannis' new album will be out on May 6th!!! Yesssh! :D 

Funny story: he asked me if i want to be his valentine or not when it was like 11:59 PM (2/14) in there so basically the vday was going to be over in one minute. i don't get him anymore i swear, he is just so annoying to be true. :)) (but i like a funny guy more rather than a romantic guy! heheh)

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