Saturday, February 8, 2014

New York Day 4

Okay, I know it's been around 5-6 months. But I feel not complete if I don't finish my New York post :)) Check my previous NY post in here: day 3, day 2, and day 1.

This is actually my favorite day in New York. Because I rent a bike for around 6 hours if I'm correct. And I love it! My brother hates it though, since he's more into museum and art person. And the other hand, I'm more into action, sweats, heights, and "anything that involves getting dirty" person. :)) (Doesn't mean I don't like to see scenic places, which I like it too!) The movie Premium Rush inspires me to ride a bike in NYC. And truth is.....riding a bike in NYC is crazy. It's so chaotic that sometimes I'm afraid all those taxis will hit me. Even there's a bike lane, it's still crazy. I just get into the Central Park though. Maybe next time, when I go back, I'll ride a bike around NYC from morning-till 7 PM. Anyone interested? :D

 ^^^ Oh my gosh, these are just beautiful. Just ignore myself in there who's so not attractive while sweating. Mary is just never look attractive. ^^^
 ^^^ The famous John Lennon tribute ^^^
 ^^^ Bikers in NYC. Bikers are cool. ;D ^^^
 ^^^ These areas are usually showed in movies or TV series. I'm not sure what's the name of the areas, but I saw it a lot (example: Gossip Girl. Duh.).^^^
 ^^^ I feel I just wanna have a picnic or read a book or just get tanned and lay there while listening to music while looking at NYC's skyscrapers. ^^^
 ^^^ This is why I don't get lost in Central Park. Of course I download the Central Park Map app in my phone. :D ^^^

I don't remember what did I do after this. I think I took a shower then went eating at Vietnam restaurant at Queens with tante Juli. Please, take me back to NYC. But not now. Just when it's warm enough. ;p

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