Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New York Day 5

Last but not least, my last day in New York! Well not technically my last day, since the next day I have a half day to go the bus station. Check previous NYC post in here: day 4, day 3, day 2, and day 1.
I went to the Staten Island to see the Liberty by the cruise. My mom booked everything in the morning so it's kinda last minute. Oh! I bought souvenirs (wow that was new) and they were so I return it and bought something else again. To be honest, I kinda regret it that I bought souvenirs. Because I hate buying souvenirs. I love buying people's gift but definitely not souvenirs. I probably bought souvenirs for 5 people only or less. I wonder how people manage to buy all relatives a souvenir..
^^^ The tourists! See how many are they? ^^^

^^^ Finally a proper picture of three of us ^^^
^^^ People probably think I'm crazy because, to be honest, I did a lot of jumping photos. This is just one of them. Sorry, but I guess tourist should understand one another, right? :)) ^^^
^^^ Bye bye, the Liberty! Right after we left and went to the cruise back, the line was sooooo loong. So we were lucky because our line to the cruise wasn't that long. ^^^
 ^^^ Went to this restaurant at Little Italy (called Cha Cha's cafe). The interior is beautiful but the food is just okay and they charged me twice for my gelato. I think it was one scoop, but they told me they put two scoop in it. D*mn those people. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. ^^^

Then we went to MoMa on Friday when it was free for everyone so it was acceptable that there were too many people in there.
^^^ The famous "Vincent van Gogh" painting and look at those people taking picture of it. ^^^
^^^ my favorite art work :) this painting is painted by Jackson Pollock. I liked the other painting (not posted here) and it was painted by the same guy who painted this painting too. ^^^
 ^^^ I think this is cuuuute. ^^^
 ^^^ Oh my gosh... can we not... this is just too hard for me... this food.... is everything... ^^^

These photos are on 6th day before we go to the bus station. 
I like the food. 
And now, I'm hungry. 
Dang it.

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