Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" - She & Him

(You probably already figured out that I listen to She & Him a lot...)

Please don't talk to me about college. Just please. I can break out into crying, at this moment, if you ask me anything about college related. My mom is the only one who knows why I'm being emotional like this. So please, help me people, ease the pain.
Anyway, been reading The Fault in Our Stars and I can't put it down for the first 100 pages. I think it's been awhile I haven't read a book that I can't put it down, from the first beginning, since The Hunger Games. The movie is released on June 2014. I really wish I can watch it with him in there.
I need to remind myself to text Nikki, first thing in the morning, to thank her for her recommendation of this book.

Btw, I just need to publish this. I wish I can be as dynamic as she is. I just want to wear all of the outfits I swear. And uhm...I rode a bike once in Central Park like she did, so I guess me & Andien have a little bit of connection? :> (Oh please stop comparing how "similar" you are with famous people, Mer ;p )

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