Monday, February 3, 2014

Uno, Dos, Tres

So another snow day again today. I don't mind because I haven't done my readings for my school. I just go browsing last night and most of my day today. Links of the day:

And let me share the cuteness of my cat, I swear she's too adorable I just wanna cuddle with her. But too bad, my cat only can cuddle probably for 5 minutes max. My kitty is sassy like me - that's what my mom say, so...

Oh I just figure out my resolution this year (just now?!) :
  1. Less procrastinate. I use the word "less" instead of "stop" because I know I'm going to procrastinate my assignments anyway. But at least, I will less procrastinate than year. *baby step guys, baby steps*
  2. Read at least one book per month. 
  3. Stop taking things and people for granted.
  4. I was going to add "stop cussing" but then I'm like "nah, ain't gonna happen". So cross number 4. 

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