Thursday, February 6, 2014

What 11 Snow Days Do to Me

One more snow day for me. I already have 11 snow days. The weather wasn't this bad one and two years ago, when I moved this is the first time for me the weather acts like this.
Anyway, my morning activities are reading Taza's old posts, listening to Youth by Daughter, and pinning short hair cut in my pinterest. At least, I'm more productive than yesterday. Maybe I will continue to read The Fault In Our Stars or maybe not. Since I'm determined to read fictions only on weekends. Despite I have to finish reading 2 classic novellas by early of March. And that ain't easy.

Btw, I know I'm counting months till I graduate. But I think I will miss my high school. I mean, all people in here are so laid-back. I can get away with almost anything with teachers, since they see me as a good student. I mean, really, I can say "can you make it due tomorrow instead of today?", most of the time they will say "okay" to me (but don't do this in AP classes tho). And I will miss my locker (or my friend's locker to be exact, my friend shares locker with me). Gosh, I hate carrying heavy stuffs, gotta miss that locker. And I will miss my friends. Even though, they change their personalities every year like a weather, just like me. So I'm going through my old photos and I want to post some of here you go. Don't laugh.
 ^^^ Oh my, Mary with her long hair. Thank goodness I get rid of that hair and never regret it. ^^^
 ^^^ First time when I rode her bus to her house. Remember when i said I can get away with almost everything? So, the main rule in the bus is "everyone needs to ride the bus he/she assigned to". But her bus driver is cool with me. So yeah. ^^^
 ^^^ First time I dressed up for halloween! ^^^
 ^^^ BENNIE!!! She's the only person who calls me "Andrikus" ^^^
^^^ last day of my junior year ^^^
 ^^^ I hate the subject of this class (it's US History & it's a required class) but i love these two. and other classmates are pretty laid-back. my teacher is awesome too. she's the only reason why i passed that class, heheh. :p ^^^
 ^^^ Mr. C's surprise birthday party. ^^^
^^^ Other than Sitora, people thought I look alike her (Karen). My English teacher & my guidance thought I was Karen. I have class with her since sophomore year, semester. It's always a math class. But this second semester of my senior year, I have a same class for English. I think I'm gonna be friends with her for a long time, since we're gonna go to the same college and her crazy is equal mine. ^^^
^^^ MerBeth: sisters of mind :) ^^^ 
^^^ I had one class with her in junior year but never really talk to her. Now in senior year, I have 5 classes in total with her (2 is first semester and 3 is second semester), ha! I wonder how she can put up with my randomness. ^^^
^^^ She drew a Jason Mraz picture for me!! Nikki is the best. And she knows that she's awesome, so don't tell her she's awesome because she will be like "I know" or something like "I'm always right". I wish I have more classes with her though. ^^^

I swear I feel like I miss everybody right now. I feel like I'm a dying person or something. Last night, I miss my dad. This morning, I miss my friends even though I'm still in the same school with them (except Bennie and Dong Ling). Maybe this is all because of snow days & I stuck in my apartment for a long time that left me being random like this. We will see who will I miss in the next 12 hours.

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