Monday, March 31, 2014


So hi! Nothing major is going on in my life so I kind of don't know what to post. Except the fact that my spring break is next week yeayyy! :) I don't know what my plan for spring break so I have to figure what I want to do for so long but don't have to for it because of school (or because I procrastinate a lot).
Anyway, I just start the challenge of 100 happy days today (click the link to know more about it)! Basically it's about you have to document things that make you happy each day until the 100th days. People can share it through their chosen social media and I choose my instagram account to do this challenge (my own hashtag: #Mer100Happy). I'm so excited to see if I actually can make it to 100th days or not because I can be grumpy and moody sometimes. :))

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