Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Things to be grateful today:
1. 15 minutes walk to school with warm weather
2. tennis practice (I'm growing some love for this sport)
3. 10 minutes video call with him
4. an hour & twenty minutes voice call with my dad
5. 12 minutes call with Sarah

What's up with the phone call and me, today? :))

(I know, I'm such a dork that I like counting this kind of stuff)
And number six would be that today I realized that I need to re-evaluate myself. I snapped at someone today and I feel really, really bad. I think I hurt her feelings. After lunch, I told her that I am sorry and such so all is clear.
I feel like I'm changing into this blunt person who likes to speak her mind. It's okay that I feel confident about myself and not being shy about it, but sometimes I know that I need a filter. I also realize that I need to stop treating people like they're "objects". I need to get down on my horses and stop being such a snob. It takes awhile for me to admit it to myself that I even blurt out my flaws in this digital world because, to be honest, I hate being criticized. I don't like people pointing out at my flaws. I am arrogant in some ways.
So here's to 2014, I hope I'm growing into a better person each day by each.

When I told this story to Sarah, she told me that it's a good thing that I can stand up for myself but I have to do it in the right way. Gotcha, girl, gotcha! ;)

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