Saturday, March 22, 2014


So I went to NKU (for thousandth times, I know) because I was in the SPARKS program. So basically, they introduced the people to 6 major departments in 6 Saturdays and they introduced us to the college itself. I had fun in there even though we were in Science department and I'm not a science person. I made a lot (like a "lot" lot) silly comments through out all the classes, like "well I watch Grey's Anatomy so at least I know something about cardio means heart. right?" and my obsession with food. But people in there were so friendly and goofy so I really had a good time there!
This is one of the reasons why I only apply to NKU, not other colleges, because I already know that I would love it there and such...besides I went there a lot, I already have my all card (student ID), I had 2 NKU classes, so I kinda already put my heart in there hahah! :)
We (Karen and I) already want to get out of high school soon enough. We both agree that high school is lame ;p even the guy who mentored us said "Yeah, high school is lame, you won't miss it once you go here, you will love it here". Patience is virtue. 2 months & 2 weeks to go till graduation. Yeay.


Kim Jong Un said...

that beautiful smile i like :) good luck mary

Yulia Rahmawati said...

sounds fun :) just enjoy every moment :)