Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waffle Again

What's a better way to "celebrate" snow day? Go to my all time favorite restaurant, Waffle House! :)
I had lunch with my mother and my brother. Don't judge, maybe it seems "wrong" to people, but I can eat waffle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Is it weird tho? 
I've been living here almost 3 years now so I don't know much, but people said that the weather has been coldest one this year after decades years ago (I might be wrong, but my friend told me since 1970s or 1980s). This is major cray cray. But somehow I can handle it well... Now 0 degree Celsius (or 32 F) is like "warm" to me. I literally can handle any degree between 0 and -5 degree C with only a long sleeve + a thin hoodie (or just a long sleeve). If it reaches below -10 degree C then I will wear my coat (but not the thickest one). Gosh I feel like I'm super. :))
I'm not crazy if you compare my friend who only wears short sleeve/t shirt when i wear a coat. I think people from my high school had lived in Antartica or something to bear with this kind of cold...

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