Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Don't Get A Lot Of Fun Mondays So,

I feel the need to recap it just because ;)
I don't go out a lot with my mom because of our busy schedules. So when my mom had a day off on Monday, we actually decided to go to out of state and do zipline but thanks to the weather, we cancelled it and just literally drove around and spend a lot of gas & money along the way....hahah, this is not good. (I feel I'm such a high schooler every time I say "literally").
from the left to right: 1. fried banana for breakfast / 2. Waffle House breakfast type for lunch (I know, I'm weird) / 3. the gloomy weather / 4. bought that shirt from a boutique! / 5. free cold stone ice cream, whaddup? I have a tendency to eat ice cream in a cold weather / 6. Bowling after a long time I haven't bowled! / 7. Played bowling 3 times because I can't get enough of it... My second game is my highest score out of the three games (138) / 8. Went to Noodles & Company and met Sarah / 9. Pasta Fresca for dinner!

Now my Tuesday is just my bum day. I woke up late, did some browsing, called my boyfriend, chatted with Greda, and did more browsing. I feel I want to be more productive every time I don't have a plan, but I always end up not to. What's wrong with me, seriously?

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