Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The End of April

Oh my gosh it's been a while. April is treating me like crazy. I feel April is not my month and, in the same time, I feel more productive on April (not that productive though, because you know, it's Mary...). Can't believe April is almost over and then welcome May, my favorite month! :) I'm looking forward to soooo many things. But first of all, things I'm grateful at for this month:
  • Gosh, I love tennis. Tennis is another reason why I will be sad leaving Boone, besides the teachers (my teachers are super nice to me).
  • Speaking of teachers, yes! the teachers. They've been great. Especially my AP English teacher who has been helping me a lot with my scholarships essay.
  • I'm talking to Sitora again, yeayyy! :)
  • Shayla and Bethany speak my mind most of the time hahah. I somehow wonder how they still want to sit with me at lunch when I was in a bad mood... ;p
  • Uhm let me say that my family, friends, and best friends also make me feel grateful of my life. Especially "him" (I still feel weird by saying the term of "boyfriend" heheh ;p) who been there for me and stick with me, even though I treat him wrong sometimes... (sorry! But I did that to everyone else... so sorry to everyone!)
  • SPARKS program is awesome.
  • My Grace Kelly little sister is closer with me than last year! Ah, GKG is another reason why I will be sad leaving Boone... ;(
  • I'm getting better at my AP Calculus practice test (but not so much in AP English..)
  • I'm reading The Alchemist and I feel that book is like speaking to me. There are so many good advices and life lessons in there. I like it so far!
Ah I think that's it for now. I have to work on my scholarship essay. I feel like I always have something to do, no matter how many things I get them done, because you know... senior's & AP students problem, hahah! :)
End it with my picture with Beth last Saturday! This is one of my favorite picture. Ok, bye! :)

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