Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bird Day

As I said in the post earlier, I will recap how my birthday went. I never really looking forward to birthday, so I don't have any expectation on my birthday. But it turned out great (for me)!
In the morning, I had a "movie date" with him. Because we live like thousand miles away, we watched the same two movies while on the phone. It was tricky to watch it together at first because we kept trying to play it at the same time – sometimes my movie was too forward or way behind and vice versa – but it was worth it. I had to paused it before the second movie ended though, because I had to go to pick my mom at 2 and went to Cincinnati cruise trip.
I think I wear this dress a lot, just because. ;) I got ready under 5 minutes so I just pick whatever easiest outfit I can wear.
Here are some pictures while I went to the cruise with Thom & my mom:
 ^^^ I feel so lucky that I live near the city. So every time I want to be in the city, I can just go to Cincinnati. But I spend most of time in Kentucky still. ^^^
Then tante Ayu asked me if I wanted to go to BBQ at Tante Indri's place. FYI, my birthday is on the same day with Memorial Day, so a lot of people did BBQ on that day. Tante Ayu didn't even know that it was my birthday until my mom told her, hahah! Geez, why I always make my birthday such a secret? :p
Oh myy, tante Indri's back porch was sooo pretty. I post some of the pics on the earlier post and on my instagram, so I don't need to repost it. We did BBQ with Tante Indri's family too. 
^^^ I love Daisy flowers!! ^^^
^^^ Hahah, I was cheesing so hard in this pic! ^^^
Btw, since I went to the BBQ party, my mom decided to buy a mint chocolate cake so we all could celebrate my bday and Memorial Day in the same time. Because of that, my mom bought me another cake for the "official" one... :p I wanted an ice cream cake for so long and she just bought it today! Plus, I got a free ice cream because of my Cold Stone's birthday coupon. I picked mint chocolate chip for my ice cream and cookies & cream for my ice cream cake. My go to flavors of ice cream is always either cookies & cream or mint chocolate. (To be honest, I feel so guilty eating all of this up. I feel I need to go exercise again since I don't play tennis anymore. Jeez, M.)
Oh and also, I'm surprised that some people remember my birthday because I try to hide it on my every social accounts. The awkward thing is, a lot more people congratulated me happy belated bday rather than those who congratulated me on my actual bday... :p 

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