Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mary Before the Test

10 hours-ish I will be taking my last AP exam. Dang, I'm nervous. I mean, "it's not a big deal" if I don't pass it. But still would feel so good if I pass. But I'm just going to try my best, if I don't pass my AP exams – Literature & Calculus – I'll probably take other classes in college & survive anyway....but it still feels good if I pass!! Gosh Mary, you gotta learn how to believe in yourself, girl. >:)) 

My mom and I took a random walk the other day which we don't normally do, because I hate walking. My boyfriend told me these photos are so "tumblr-y" :)) nyahaha say yes to filter!

I can't believe I will be 80% free of school stress in a couple of hours...fiuh. Just need to admit, I need to find a way to study effectively because I'm still struggling with it. Oh! Today is my first time learning with flash cards...and I love it. I mean, I know most of literary terms in a snap! (I know what litotes, meiosis, onomatopoeia, synecdoche, metonymy, chiasmus – my favorite word, oxymoron, juxtaposition, etc. Pretty fast learner for a beginner, right? :p) maybe I should learn language with flash cards more.
Btw if I pass my English AP exam, I will buy my sweetest English teacher something I promise. :)

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