Monday, May 26, 2014

Thank You :)

Today's been suprsingly great! I seriously don't expect anything exciting happens on my birthday but it turns out the opposite! I really want to recap everything, but I think it will take a lot longer time so I have to do it tomorrow or any other days. Besides, even though I only have one day of birthday, I'm taking the whole week as my birthday week. ;) (the reason behind is because I get birthday treats from Starbucks, Greater's Ice Cream, Cold Stone, and Orange Leaf that I have to redeem this week). So here are some pictures from my day & the virtual gifts my best friends gave me:
^^^ from Yael ^^^
^^^ from Nad ^^^

^^^ from Gre ^^^
To be honest, everything happenedery last minute. Bought the cake before I went to Tante Indri's place for bbq and decided to go to bbq like 2 hours before the time. I always have a thing with anything that happens spontaneously!
Tante Indri's back porch is so pretty, I'm in love! :)
So thank you for every one who is being kind and wonderful to me, not only on my birthday but in my life in general. You know who you all are. I'm soooo beyond happy!

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