Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's In My "Whatever" Journal

So I went through my "whatever" journal, it's not a diary because I only write on my 'journal' if I feel like it, and it is so funny how the way I write stuff down.. :D let me list in order about topics that I wrote on my journal:
• receipts history & its description (pfft, lame).
• random thoughts about my reflection of my overall life (9/2/13).
• (fail) October's budget.
• B&N Starbucks receipt and the story behind why I ordered Chai Tea on that day.
If you ever wonder how it went: I didn't like it. It was yuck. Well the only reason why I ordered it because the bartender Starbucks guy is cute & he told me to try it (nice try, buddy). Now I mention it, I can't believe I order something because of a cute guy... Anyway –
• my "feelings" journal of how I miss my guy bestfriend.
• my money's spending list.
• dream journal.
Oh this is going to be good... See the transition:
• "why guys are so emotional?" journal. :))
• my nov & dec's budgets. + christmas gift lists.
• things that I was worried about and those things filled 2 pages. Grawr.
• my jan & feb's budgets.
• 60 things that I like about him. (!!!!!) (Why am I so cheesy?) :)))
• list of my annoying habits. Geez, I'm so considerate, I can't even.
• oh my gosh...this is embarrassing. I wrote about how I fall in love with him and I sounded super cheesy on my own writing. Never ever ever going to show it to anyone. :)) 
• his 20 things that I should considerate if I live with him. + one convo that I found him cute.

And this part cracks me up....
It's my annotation on my classic & fiction novels. I look super nerdy with these notes..
Like how could you move, from "I love this guy so much" to "Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna by himself because..." & those big words definitions. My mind is too random. Sigh. :))
• then I wrote an anonymous letter on March which I'm trying to figure out who is this letter meant to because I don't remember any of this. Note to self: next time, write who is it for, dummy.
• my thoughts that I wrote when I was in my emotions meltdown on April.

Geez, I'm so random. And now it's time to sleep. Bye!

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