Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Just Happened?

I seriously don't know what happened, but I talked in front of public....twice. And that freaked me out a little bit. Just kidding, not a little bit, kind of a lot. :p I'm kinda nervous if it comes to talking in front of public. First, it was an easy-breezy-covergirl. In my last meeting of Grace Kelly Girls, I just talked like what I want to do in college & things that I like about my little sister. Of course, Mary makes it sound like "Oooh, I got it all planned" but let's be honest, Mary still confused what major she should be taking (uhm, if you're a scholarship committee, I'm just kidding, Mary got it all, you should totally *oh crap, the high-schooler vocabs starts to come up* give the scholarship to me).
(In all seriousness, I take education as a serious matter, so don't worry) ;)
Where was I again?
Oh yeah! Before I go on to the story of the second time I talk in public, here's the picture of GKG big sisters who are seniors! :) I feel soooo important with that tiara ;p
it's the first time my little sister wanted to take a pic with me because she hated taking pictures. After that, she told me "I did it for you", ain't she the sweetest little sister ever :)) and the first time I got a real flower. Otter (my little sister) gave me her flower, just because. :)
(Well I kinda asked her to give it to me. But let's not get into that.) ;)
Now let's go to the second story.
So I had to go to NHS ceremony because it's required for seniors (if it's not required, I probably chill at home ha). And I did go there. But then...before the ceremony began, they called my name up to the stage. And apparently, I had to read a paragraph (I know, ain't biggie, but still...) and they thought I knew about it. Which I didn't know. So I had like a last minute preparation and I think it went well heheh... Mary is so graceful. She can't even.
But it was so funny how my teacher called four people up (including me) and she explained what we supposed to do with the candle and such, and the conversation went like this:
Me: Wait, am I supposed to read something?
Everyone: ....... *looked at me*
My teacher: You didn't know?
Me: No....
My teacher: Okay, Mr. Harold supposed to tell you last week. I'll get you the paper. It's really short, just read it slow and clear.
Me: Now this making me nervous...
My teacher: *fold my paper to show my part* *gave it to me*
Me: Can I use that (the other part of the paper) as my gum wrapper? I need to throw away my gum.

Told you. Mary is so graceful. ;) But believe me, it went well hahah I didn't embarrassed myself!
(Now that I think about it, it's actually my first time talking on a podium in front of public...Ow well.)

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