Thursday, June 12, 2014

9 Hours with Karen

On Wednesday, I decided to ask Karen to watch The Fault in Our Stars with me. Because first, it's Wednesday so it cost half of the regular price. Second,'s TFIOS, I mean c'mon now. Third, because I still have my gift card. Got there right at one o'clock when the movie supposed to start at that time. Gosh, the movie was great, I love it! People & Karen cried during the movie which made me not to cry because I just can't feel the feeling with all those weeping & crying sounds. Did I tell you I have a hard time crying because of books or movies?
I have a thing with books and movies. I like to recite or quote some lines. I like to imitate what the characters did. I even remembered the time when I kept reading out loud of the book when Gus told Hazel he loved her, the eulogy Hazel wrote for Gus, and the eulogy email that Gus wrote that is meant for Hazel. I also like to make connections to my real life which, sometimes, is not a really good idea. Until now, I kept listening to the TFIOS soundtrack: Wait by M83 and Boom Cap by Charli CXC.
^^^ they raised the cost of the photobooth! But whatevs, I love the photos anyway! ^^^

We went to the mall after that and just walked around. We tried a lot of stuff just to take a picture with it. Florence Mall is sooo boring, I wonder why people like to go there to hang out...
^^^ My bangs make that weird glasses work on me. Ah, bangs power! ^^^
Btw it was so funny when I went to a food court and this guy who worked at food court talked to Karen in Spanish. He asked Karen if I'm single or not and asked how old am I. Like man, I bet this is because of the bangs. This other guy at food court also add extra boba in my bubbletea. It must be the bangs. It must be. :))
^^^ We watched A Million Ways to Die in the West just because we wanted to feel we're old enough to watch rated R movies. ^^^

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