Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bitsy Grad

The graduation went great! One of my best night! Is it even possible to have 2 major events going on in a row? I'm so lazy to move the photos from my camera to my brother's laptop because I have to pack for 2 days 1 night Chicago trip (say what again? M is going to Chi town?!). But here's the photo from Mrs. Gels' phone! She send it to me by email (I know guys, we're cool like that). At class, she pushed me out of my comfort zone and I improved so much with her being my teacher. If you know me & read the Heart of Darkness, you know what I mean by "out of my comfort zone". Gosh, she's one my best teachers I'd ever had. Her and Mr. C are my favorite.
It's been a great night. I can't believe today was my last day to be at school and to be with these great teachers & friends. Oh well, I will tell more about my graduation later if I feel like it. But right now, I gotta pack & then go to sleep. I'm exhausted. Bye!

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