Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I know it's been like a week ago I had my graduation. But I'm just going to make it a post so it will look "official" or something like that. Here are several posts from my graduation, the rest of them are on my facebook (which I make the album public):
 ^^^ front seat because I'm cool (no I'm not). Do you know that I'm the second name they called? Yeah, it's because I'm in top 10% and because my initial last name is A -> perks of being Andrikus! :)) ^^^
^^^ She's the best!!! She bought me that bouquet!!! Like how super sweet is that? I'm sooo beyond happy because, to be honest, it's the first time someone bought me a bouquet! ^^^
^^^ my mom! ^^^
^^^ my brother! Gosh why I look so fancy might be because of the gown. ^^^
^^^ the one that I have been friends with since my sophomore year till senior year. I think she's my longest close friend I have in here that is still stay in contact with me ^^^
^^^ *boooo, show off!!* ^^^
^^^ Good bye BCHS for good :) ^^^
^^^ the photo was taken with Shayla's iPhone! We're the "Mean Girls" :)) (it's the name of a movie, don't worry, we're not actually mean like that but we can be sassy together) ^^^
And thus, everyone,
my last post of my school life. :)
(or maybe not, because you know, maybe I'll do some flashbacks. Maybe.)

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