Tuesday, June 3, 2014

King's Island

I went to King's Island with Beth after my seniors breakfast on Monday. It was super fun! Beth & I are adrenaline junkies so we're good together as riding buddies. :) I tried every rides except The Invertigo (Because Beth won't go with me ugh), Flight of Fear (it was closed because it was caught by fire), Firehawk (for the safety reason caused by Flight of Fear, they closed Firehawk too), Drop Tower (it was closed.. :( ), and Xtreme Skyflyer (it costs money to ride this). My favorite rides are the Banshee (the best roller coaster I've ridden in my life yet!!!) and Slingshot! Yes, I did ride slingshot with Beth. She kept hating me because I pushed her to do it then she ended up loving me again because she agreed that the slingshot was super fun and it was worth it. :) (check this website for the list of thrill rides).
^ Sitora & I at seniors breakfast ^
^ The Banshee a.k.a the best roller coaster ever yet ^
 The only thing I regret is when I tried to ride White Water Canyon. Long-story short, Beth and I met Beth's coworker and his friend so we tried the rides as a group then this one guy wanted to ride White Water Canyon. We ended up hating it (& the guy) because we soaked so bad. I hate water rides if I don't wear a bathing suit. I changed my clothes because I brought an extra. Beth and I ended up bought a matching sandal because we just had to. But other than that, it was a fun day.
Just FYI, I did the Banshee, the Delirium, and the Diamondback twice. ;) The Banshee from front seat felt so great. I love love love love front seats. Those are my favorite.
FYI again, I actually have a fear of heights. Like, no kidding. Everytime I went to somewhere high, I always need to hold something and I always feel that feeling that I'm going to fall. The reason why I'm an adrenaline junkie is because I like the fast rides that make me feel I'm going to die but I'm not, which is the fun part. But but but! If the ride went high and moved sooooo slow....I'm scared. :p
I was so scared when I did the Windseeker even though it barely moved fast (it felt fast when I was up there though). But here's the thing again... I don't like to be scared of heights and I can actually handle those kind of rides. But just I say no to water rides...just no.

Here's the 15 seconds video of my slingshot: 

Ride slingshot? Check this off from my bucket list. :)

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