Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let's Be Honest...

...I'm nervous.
In about 3 hours, I will graduate from my high school.
Like dang...what if, if I fall down when I get up to the stage.
Since I'm the second person that will get up to the stage.
and the suspense will be building up.
and those people are going to watch me...those 3000 people or more.
And can you actually believe it, after all the stressing out, I'm actually did great in high school?
Like dang, M, finally you made it.
^ Grad practice! Tora is such a beauty! ^
Btw Mrs Shearer is moving to other school :( A lot great teachers are actually moving.
It's good for them but I seriously feel bad for underclassmen because they lost some of great teachers.
Okay, you know what, I'm still nervous. Writing this post is not helping me at all.
I think I'm going to brush my teeth or do something that is unrelated to school right now.
Hope it helps. 

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