Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Norsssee Up!

So. Yeah. After one week of my graduation, I went to my orientation.. Pretty fast transition. But I just need to get it done first because of my summer vocation trip! At the beginning, it was boring so bad... I mean, they tried. But sitting down a lot and listen people talk similar things are kind of boring. Besides, a lot of students were going with their parents (I went solo) so it was kind of awkward for me. But I honestly don't care... :p I didn't even feel shy or anything. But it got so much better at night! The Northerners Night/Tailgate is the best part!
^^^ my orientation group! ^^^
FYI, there were only 6 people from my school who went to the first orientation. I only talked to one of the six, so I actually didn't know anyone except that one person. But honestly... I feel more comfortable talking to strangers rather than people that I know but I'm not close with. It's weird. But it's a good feeling to feel connected to strangers. I am that one girl who can sit next to you or in front of you if you sit by yourself, and just talk about random things. :p but when it came to a group thing, I feel more awkward to talk. I'm an Ambivert, guys. :))
Oh, oh! By the way, the theatre people did this hilarious performance where they acted what things you could worry about colleges but you shouldn't : drug, alcohol, being gay/lesbian, sex, etc. My favorite part that I think it was so hilarious is when they threw out condoms to the students :)) it cracked me up so bad!

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