Sunday, August 17, 2014

Before the First Day

Tomorrow is my first day of college...
 I feel every one of my friends is going to be a "shark" now in a college.
Like he/she is going to be sooo competitive in college
And I'm here like "I haven't paid 25% of my tuition.. Haven't bought the books yet... Don't know where my classes are..."
And I think to myself, If I'd ever been a shark, I would be a chill shark. ;p
Anyway, what Dan told me that I still remember is, I need to have a strong principle so I will not get into the influence of my surroundings that I do not want to be into. And I will try my best to remember his words so I will save myself from trouble hehehehe..
Btw, happy independence day, Indonesia!
^ webcam selfies!! Nobody does this anymore, eh... ^

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