Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Scored

(Updated: I changed the music media from Spotify to Soundcloud so it's accessible).
Worked this morning at 445 AM until 945 AM for the first time..
Then I had to work again at 530 PM until 1015 PM on the same day.
Sometimes, part time job can be rough.

But I bought these 8 clothing items and their total price is under $30!!! :D the most expensive items are just the bras because they still have the original price on it. The rest of them are just around $1 to $3. Final clearance is probably the only time I will shop this much because college made me to think that everything above $10 is expensive.. :p
and my mom treated me a Chipotle! (the best of the best!)

Now I'm just browsing for some new music. I think I kind of figured out why I acted "weird" lately...maybe because I didn't have enough me time. Anyway, I found these two gems from Spotify in the last 12 minutes:


Kang Jumanto said...

sweet day at the first time so much!!!!

ositus said...

i cant play the music

Mary Andrikus said...

I think you have to be logged in to the Spotify to be able to play the songs. But I'll change the media to SoundCloud for you once I get a chance to use my brother's laptop :D