Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm "Judging" My Professor While Writing This Post

It was one of those rare days that I wear khaki pants to work. I usually wear one of my colorful pants! ;p I think this khaki pants makes me look more "professional" and somehow I like it.

Btw I hung out with Anggra couple weeks ago and she took a picture of me that I like it so much! :D

Here's our photobox! :D
^ it's a bad quality because I scanned it by my phone :( ^

P.S: Just to add an explanation about this post's title... I'm not actually judging my professors that I have not met yet :p I found this website,, really cool because I can actually type my professors name and read their former students' comments and see the ratings. The comments are typically about how helpful the professor is, the clarity, how easy the class is, and if the professor is hot or not! :)) I will, for sure, look my professors up with this website A LOT. Maybe every one of them. I think any class can be doable (I'm not saying "easy") if it's taught by a good teacher. But that's just my opinion.

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