Friday, August 29, 2014


I Miss You So Much and It's Getting Insane.... What drives me crazy is that I don't know what to do with myself. And it's probably the cuckoo inside my head that made me to want to shut him out. So I decided to write a post about 10 things I don't like about him but I still like them anyway.
1. He's annoying. Like not in the cute-lovey-dovey annoying, but a real d*mn pain in the a*s kind of annoying.
2. He always eat my food. One time, he gave me Chitato (some kind of chips) and other snacks but he ended up eating all of them... If I didn'teat and decided to keep the food (that he gave me) for later, he would eat it. He eats everything, I don't even get how. The positive side of this, he can finish my food that I don't like. ;)
3. He called me "a koala that looks like a monkey". That's, I hate you Dan. He called me a koala because (he said) I can sleep for a long time and the monkey part is just because I look like a monkey.
4. He is ridiculously hot.
5. He is so competitive to me.
6. He thinks I'm the most weird person that he ever met. Well, I think he is too.
7. He still gives me these butterflies...
8. When I'm mad at him as a boyfriend, I can't stay mad at him as my best friend.
9. He knows my weakness and my strength. He always push me to be better & want the best for me but sometimes I just don't like the way he did it. But it usually worked on me, so...
10. When he knew that I missed him a lot, he would be teasing me.. (or maybe I'm just sensitive and think that he's teasing me when he's really not).

Now that this post is done, I feel so much better now. Because the reason I wrote this post is because I miss him so much heheheh... ;p

P. S: I don't even know how he can handle me & still be with me until now..

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