Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Secret Wish of the Week

• to know what my boyfriend's schedule is. I'm hoping that in between my & his schedule, we have time to, at least, whatsapp-chat for couple of minutes.
• to be done with my 5 days in a row work schedule (it's possible to be 6 days in a row). Because I'm tired already and it's only my first day back.. :p 
• to know what's going on with my best friend, Gre, and hope that everything will work out for her.
• to tidy up my room before college starts.
• to pass my driving license test!!! Hahahahaa I'm such a bum. I need to make an appointment for my second test later..

Btw, Nad send me this picture... This is what happen when you compare miss Indonesia (top) and "miss-universe" (bottom!) :)))

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