Friday, August 8, 2014

The Girl is Back!

So I'm back after 1 1/2 months vocation in Indonesia! It's been a fun vocation but mixed with various feelings (happy, feeling loved, sad, furious, all kind you can name)! Maybe it's because, it's not 100% vocation, I have friends and family live there that I have to visit.. But I'm entirely grateful to get spend time with my boyfriend, all of my best friends/close friends/friends, and my family. :) Not sure if I want to recap everything now, maybe I'll do it later.
Anyway, it was my first time going on a flight by myself internationally! I wasn't scared at all somehow, because maybe I was sure I would get it right (which I did).
See my boarding pass above? I got a business class on my 12 hours flight! It's not like I'm a rich kid or something, but it's like a complimentary thing that they did because I was supposed to take off on August 4 but they gave out my seat to someone else and changed my flight to August 6. So, you get the idea. Man, I feel like I can fly as long as I want with those fancy business class seats. The only thing that I hate is...the guy next to me got me sick! :( So, I didn't enjoy it 100% but all is good since I watch lots of movies without having the need to stretch out my legs or to stand up to stretch. 
Most of the people were sleeping and I was wide awake at that time. Maybe because I tried to fight the jet lag. Which I failed on that because after a day I got back to my apartment, I took a nap.... Yes, I took a nap and it's a bad idea. I could seriously fight the jet lag if I didn't take a nap. I woke up from my "nap" at 10 PM and I'm writing this post while it's still 1:40 AM. Good job, M. Real smooth.
Oh, I forget to mention this. I didn't get my 2 baggage right away. Which, I didn't care at all at that time, like I'm tired man, the girl needs a good night sleep. The good thing is, they send me my baggage in the next morning. Which also, another good thing, since I can't carry my 20 kg & 18 kg baggage alone to my apartment room which is on the third floor. (Yes I notice I'm using kg instead of lbs.. weight/height/degree measurement in American way is not my thing).
Now I'm going to read all the posts I've been missing out while listening to random songs. Gosh, I miss this kind of activity (I miss my boyfriend more, though). Bye!

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