Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Treasure These

Had a video call (through Line and Skype) with Dan from 5 AM when I woke up till 1145 AM when he supposed to sleep and that less 6 hours video call made me so happy weeeee!!! :) I took a lot of pictures of him and these are the cutest:
^ I don't get this pose but ok, Dan, ok... :)) ^
^ ....and i melt. :) ^

^ I think "weird" in our dictionary means "love". :)) ^

And my favorite photo of the dayyyy is... *drum roll*
Like can he be more adorable because I love this picture so much until I made it as my home screen wallpaper. And believe me, I usually put scenery or foods as my lock/home screen, so Dan gets so lucky to get the honor of my home screen. It's a big deal, Dan. ;p

Oh and my favorite things of the video call (besides the photos) that I can remember on top of my head right now are:
1. He's weird. But he's cute. 
2. We ate dinner (him) / breakfast (me) together!!! Weheee! Even though we ended up slaping the screen together hahah.. :p
3. He calmed me during my "I saw your video then I miss you" cry. :))
4. His laugh.
5. It felt so good to be called when I just woke up...and his chat that he missed me a lot before I woke up? I cherish those :)

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