Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bus Random Thoughts

I need to write this because it's been on my mind for awhile now. Just to be exact, I'm not putting down anyone in here. Ok, here we go..

One of my long lost best friend underestimated me just because I went to American High School and "well, the subjects are easy". Whoa okay, easy there tiger. 
She underestimated that Western people (American to be exact) did not know how to write properly. Well, the reason why is maybe because those who majored in English focused more in literature rather than in the language. But that doesn't make them stupid or lame, right?

My question is, why some people tend to brag things of what they achieved? In my opinion, there's a thin line between bragging and to be proud of. Someone who is proud usually express his/her excitement without putting anyone down. But the one who brags tend to put people down out of his/her achievements.

Why can we accept the fact that we, as a human being, are different? Some people work better with listening or by experience or by visual or whatsoever. Some people good at science, social studies, literature, etc. Why do we need to put down those who are different than us?

Personally, I feel I learned more through US education system. But I also learned a lot from my previous country's system that I lived in before. Yes, there are some plus & minus side of it, but aren't they all like that? None of the system is perfect.

We are different in many ways and there's a lot of opportunities to offer in this world so why not help each other out? Why need to think you're a better person while you also have so much to learn in the future? Well, at least the last part is the same to all of us heheh.

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