Friday, September 12, 2014

Purple Clock

I am starting to do this thing again... And I can't do this thing again because I don't want to go back to three years ago.


Anyway, my highlight of the day is.....
....I can't believe my long-lost best friend (ugh I miss you ci!) still keeping that clock :') I actually forgot that I gave that to her but her description said I gave it as her birthday gift. I seriously forget what grade though....but still, it surprised me because we'd been best friends in elementary school years and she still kept that :D 
Now I kind of want to get nostalgic.. Marcia (I called her "Aci") is my first best friend. We became new kids at our elementary in the same grade which is the third. On my first day, she came to my seat (with other girls) just to say hi. But I kind of ignored her because I was soooo shy at that time. Super shy. Like, I wouldn't say hi or anything because I was THAT shy and scared. I didn't remember what day it was, but one day I joined this choir extracurricular (my mom pushed me to do it) and there she was. She came to me again and tried to start a conversation. From there, we became so close throughout the elementary years.
To be honest, sometimes I copied her interest & her whatsoever because I really adored her that much and inspired by her :) But we literally like/love almost the same things. We love cats, my first favorite color is blue & hers is purple, my second favorite color is purple (used to be yellow) & hers is blue, we love Fairly Odd Parents, we love Harvest Moon, we liked to play the same games and kind of compete with each other but not really lol, we love Disney, and a lot of things. As I remember, I think we had our first crush on the same person!!! :)))
We did a lot of things together. We didn't just hang out at the mall like what normal people do though. And our conversation was usually full of imagination (or just about disney basically). She's like my creative soul or something like that. :) 

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