Saturday, September 20, 2014


I'm so mad that Dan fell asleep when we skyped together. Here's a thing about video call, both of us can't talk to each other for a very long time because we prefer to just look and smile to each other. No, this is not cute (well he's cute). It's annoying because now he fell asleep just like that. I tried to wake him up by telling him there's a fire, flood, earthquake, and those didn't work out. Then I tried to play my alarm ringtone (like all of them), he woke up and he just took his earphone away and continued to sleep.... I just hung up after that because I was mad. 
So as a sign that I was pissed, I will post this picture of him while he was sleeping (I don't care if he's mad, bweek) :
(I think he's super cute while he's sleeping and I seriously will kiss him a lot if I was there)

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