Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chigago Trip

So just to give an ease from the touchy touchy feelings of previous post... I decided to post about my Chicago trip that I did this past summer! 
I went to Chicago a day after my Graduation day. The reason why we needed to go to Chicago, where the Embassy of Indonesia is, because it was urgent to get my Visa for Indonesia and to extend my mom's passport.
We only visited Chicago for a day and met my brother's long distance girlfriend while we were there (btw, what's up with my family and this long distance relationship thing? Lol!).

Being a Kentuckian as I am, I realized something different in there... Chicago had a traffic jam in the highway. I could you have a traffic jam in the highway? :)) It was so funny how I used to be a city girl and now I'm more into a suburban girl.

My mom, my brother, and I decided to stay for the night in the more suburban area in Chicago because it was cheaper. Then, we met Shelle (my brother's girlfriend) near the motel and decided to eat at the famous pizza place, the Giordano's!

^ Shelle is sooo pretty! ^
^ this pizza was So good. Looking at the photo made me want to eat it again. But too bad everyone was not feeling well after eating the pizza because they said "it's too much meat" and my mom said "we should've ordered a pizza with vegetables on it." but to be honest I feel fine. I love meat. I am a meat lover (I think "meat lover" is the name of the pizza). :)) Okay confession, I think I was the one who ordered the pizza... I should feel bad but I didn't hahahah! ^
^ I think the setting is great for photoshoot! :D ^

At evening, my mom and I decided to go to the Bean while my brother and Shelle spend the evening by themselves. It was around an hour to go there and thank God for no traffic like at the afternoon before.
^ the buildings amazed me at night! I mean look at the lights! ^
^ my mom took this picture and I luvvv the lights! ^
^ I like this picture a lot. It was hard to take the picture at night time, but I think the reflection of the Bean was perfect! :) ^
^ yup, there you go. The bean. ^
^ I think the lights look sooo pretty! ^
^ these pictures were taken on our way back to the motel! ^

I would love to visit Chicago again someday. Especially because the concerts that I wanted to go that is closest where I live is in Chicago. So until next time, Chicago!

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