Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Do You Know That..." and "Do You Know What..."

So here I am, procrastinating again hahahah.. I just found the major reason why people like to procrastinate. And the answer is because, they just don't want to do the things that they're "supposed" to do! And right now, I have to do my programming homework which I hate it sooo much. Based from my high school, I never hate being in a class so much until now. That class is just terrible. Why I have to take general education classes, ugh..

Do you know what I feel doing right now? Writing.
Which is exactly what I'm doing, heheh. I want to write anything. I want to write a post about my Chicago or Indonesia trip that I did this past summer; I want to write a journal from Old Friend from Far Away book; I want to write random stuff; I want to write thank you note cards to my two high school teachers; I want to do re-budgeting because I want to change something on my spendings & savings habits; I want to write on my journal books just because; I want to continue writing my English paper, and the list go on... Oh, I just found out eBook and pdf file of The Beautiful and Dammed by Scott Fitzgerald which I really want to read. It's been awhile I haven't read any classics since my past vacation got me lazy heheh.

Do you know that I'm inspired by a lot of things? One of the people who inspired me is Dave Ramsey. I watched his videos last year in my class about personal finance and such. I really need to do more research on him because he is like my guardian angel on financial stuffs. The reason why I already done budgeting (which I have to re-do it) is because of him. I never found dealing with money is exciting until I watched some of his videos.

Do you know what I feel buying right now? A onesie. Especially this.
I'm in the situation where if I wear one layer, I will be cold. But if I wear two layers, I will feel little hot. But right now, I rather feel really warm rather than being cold. I hate that I have to wear two layers in my own apartment! (uhm excuse me landlord, but can you turn on the heater please? like, right now?). It's either I need a boyfriend to cuddle or onesie. But since my boyfriend is not in here right now, I need my onesie. GIVE ME MY ONESIE.

Do you know what I feel like watching right now? Ted videos.

Do you know that I just set up a tutor appointment for my Programming class just because I give up and don't care about it anymore? :D (Just kidding about the "give up" part, I'll give some 10 minutes effort and then "I'm done")

Okay, I feel like I'm repeating myself...
And last, do you know that I never really publish my blog? Except just putting my blog website on my social media's website bio. The reason being is because I am too shy to let people know my personal journal. And I am too shy to let people read and judge how do I write. I read a lot of personal blogs throughout the years and I found myself loving reading the old posts where the bloggers could write whatever they want, be spontaneous, and just don't give a crap of what people think. I want to get to know the blogger in their writing not to see bunch of expensive brand outfit photos and less writing. I find it hard to find those spontaneous personal blogs in these days... I don't know, maybe it's just me.

And I think I should get back on giving some effort on my programming homework, heheh. Bye!

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