Thursday, October 2, 2014

(For Me) Reading Always Heal My Mind

It's been weird that lately I feel content. I don't feel in rush or too excited as I used to, but I feel calm and (still) excited (in a good way). Too excited for me is not a really good thing because it's hard for me to control myself. So when I crashed, I crashed hard. A lot of things had been happening this past month. Not pretty things. I cried, worried, and was upset for a lot of things mostly because 1) I didn't know what my major is, 2) I had nobody to talk to in college, 3) I got bored at my part time job and I didn't want to work anymore and 4) other personal things.

Then, things started to get better. 
First of all, I'm still considering about my majors. But I really really have a good feeling about this. And I'm a kind of person who believe in my gut and my feelings so when I have a good feeling about something, it would always turn out good.

Second, I was somehow feel "okay" to be alone but also I feel "okay" to socialize. I believe that I am an ambivert. I have to balance between having my "me time" and to socialize in order to feel content. This is why I love being out of my comfort zone because I feel that I improved to be better after the adapting phase. I "changed" to be different, yet the same, person. It's weird, I know. But this what got to me after every three to four years of moving around the places which I got used to it.

Third, I just found out that A) I will get personal days after my two years of working in my part time which is what I look forward to and B) the key to not feel stressed out is to not push myself to work a lot as I used to do it. So I was happy that I found the temporary key solution. :D

Lastly, all my personal stuffs got sort out yeay yeay yeay!

Another point to point out, I started reading again. I am not an avid reader but I like to read. I always feel that when I didn't read much, I would get cranky and mad easily. But when I read, I would start to feel better and content. Maybe this is one of the way my brain thanked me because I feed my brain instead of sulking on my bed like I used to do when I had nothing to do or when I procrastinated.

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