Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Big Box

I just got a package from Dan's mom and that made me super duper happy!!!! :) I was surprised that she send me a big box of these foods because I was not expecting it. She send me six Chitato chips, six Silverqueen chocolates, and three banana chips which I never tried before. This felt like Christmas already heheheh ;p
Btw after talking to two people and doing a lot of thinking, I finally set my mind on something. They are somewhat "projects" that I hope I will get them done by the end of the year. Life feels so good every time I set my goals. Wish me luck! :)

On side note:
Sometimes I always wonder if I should major in English because I always enjoy reading and writing...besides I always enjoy reading classic books even though I always have a hard time to understand it; classic books are definitely a challenge. But sometimes I think if I use my hobby as my work, it would be not a good idea.  But, look at these courses (click here) if I major in English..... They look so tempting.... :))

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