Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blair Waldorf Made Me Wear It

I just voted for the KY senator, yayy!! At first, I tried to vote in the morning but I couldn't find the place. So I drove around the same street for an hour and still couldn't find it. After I went home from NKU, my mom used GPS and drove me to the place. It was actually in the church which I never thought it would be in there. Oh well... :))

Btw my jazz professor told me this quote that he learned from his psychology class,
"The more educated you are, the more close minded you are" - unknown
which I think it can be true sometimes, it just depends on how balanced the person's life is and how the knowledge is been used. I know some people who are smart but yet close minded. Usually the reason why because they think that they are smart enough to not listen to anyone's opinions that are "lower than" them.
My biggest pet peeves would be either arrogance or rudeness. I really really dislike being with smart people who are being arrogant by thinking that they are better than — what they called — ignorant people. Which is somewhat true, because each person is better at something than the other person too. But it doesn't mean that person is better in every area or as a whole person. There is always a sky above the sky. Even ignorance can be lessen through good education, a lot of reading, experiences, etc. We have a different purpose and values in life, have a different life skills, but we are somewhat the same — we all just humans. Why the need to be arrogant instead to help others?