Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Monday of November

I guess it's time for a sweater weather now! (Plus it's time for constantly putting on body lotion because my skin is so dry caused by this kind of weather).

Random thoughts of the day:
  • I realized that we are responsible for everything we do in life. We are responsible for the kind of informations that we learn by choosing a topic/subject of a story wisely and being sure to know what my values and principles are before I read people's stories or anything. Because I could get influenced very easily which got me thinking that I need to be true to myself, know my limits, and surround myself with positive influences and attitudes. 
  • Fear can be good sometimes; fear just has to be in a right amount which depends on each individual. Fear can motivate you, make you better, and make you realize that you care about something that is important to you. What's not good about fear is when you have too much of it and then it turns you to be insecure and fails you slowly. So at the end, make sure everything is balanced for both fear and positive thinking.. :)