Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

I am the kind of person who never miss anything because I always keep on track of everything. I never late for school and work, never turn any late homework, and never late for appointments. But this week, I missed the bus...twice. Two days in the row. Both of them had a similar situation when I was just late for 5 seconds. I could see the bus in front of me but I was late to get to the stop bus because I didn't run fast enough and I was tired. 

Things have been so hard for me so I take everything seriously. For example, how I think the universe is trying to tell me something figuratively like, maybe, 
"You will miss something in life if you're not hurry enough. Go get it, run faster even if you're tired." 
"You will miss something that you already have in your life because you don't realize it that you have it. It will just be gone right in front of your face so don't take things (or people) for granted. Pay attention at details. Be grateful of what you have."
I know, I'm weird, right? :)
But then I believe everything happens for a reason. When I missed the bus for the first time and it made me miss my appointment, maybe because it's meant to be for me to deal the things that happened to me at that day by myself.
I missed the bus at the second time maybe because it's meant to be for my mom to pick me up so we can buy Starbucks and use the promo of buy-one-get-one (I know, this sounds silly).

Life is so funny. Life makes me so overwhelm with everything — personal and college stuff — but then it makes me so grateful of the little things. Maybe this is why, one of my friends told me "you don't look stressed to me" when I told him that I was so overwhelm with everything. It's just life is so good, you know? It's stressful, it gives you pain, but the thing is — you still live. You still experience all of this. You learn something new everyday because life is a lesson. Life is a blessing, really. :)

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